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What is ReInvent Silicon Valley?

ReInventLaw Silicon Valley is a free and open public conference devoted to law, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the legal services industry.

Anyone interested in the future of law or technology or entrepreneurship/innovation will want to attend. We promise a highly-engaging atmosphere! Come hear about the all of the new innovations in the legal services industry (and beyond) at a world famous venue – The Computer Museum.

What is the ReInvent Law Laboratory?

The Reinvent Law Laboratory believes lawyers can change the world, but first we must change ourselves. It is time to ReInvent. The market for legal services and the market for legal education are in serious peril.

But there is a way forward, our four pillars of innovation for the legal services industry: {Law+Tech+Design+Delivery}.

Cultivating these four pillars of innovation is the goal for our ReInventLaw Laboratory.

Learn more about the ReInvent Law Laboratory here:  www.ReInventLaw.com

One way we hope to cultivate our four pillars of innovation is by hosting ReInvent Law Conferences around the globe.  Building the success of our recent London and Dubai events, we selected Silicon Valley 2013 mindful of the incredible activity in start-up ventures and other opportunities for innovation.  We invite you to join us!

Attendance is absolutely free, but registration is required.  Tickets will be limited — when they are gone, they are gone — so please register today!

This event is brought to you by the following organizers:

  • Professor Daniel Martin Katz, Michigan State University & Computational Legal Studies
  • Professor Renee Newman Knake, Michigan State University